A New Kind of
Design & Build Firm

Dedicated to the advancement of physical experiences using emerging technology, our meticulous approach distills even the most complex multidisciplinary projects, giving forward-thinking clients the confidence to pursue ambitious interactive concepts around the world.

Our Expertise


Architectural, Interior Design, and Fabrication Services for Specialty Spaces


UX, UI, IxD, AR/VR, Computer Vision, Sensor Networks, Simulation Response, Complex Programming and Reactive Logic

Light & Display

Curved OLED, Transparent OLED, Direct View LED, Video Wall, Projection, Holographic & 3D Visualization, Hybrid & Experimental Technologies, Pixel & Projection Mapping, Custom Fixtures and Show Control Systems

Sound & Acoustics

Acoustic Design & Analysis, Treatment & Calibration, Concealed High-Fidelity Systems, Directional Audio, and Multi-Channel Arrays


Robotics, Custom Mechanisms, Hinge & Slide Systems, Motorization & Actuation, Rigging & Hoists, and Motor Control Systems

Technology has surpassed imagination, and we’re closing the gap.

We believe in a future where the digital-human interface is so natural and empowering that it disappears. With the staggering rate of emerging technology, new tools become available every day that can help realize that vision. We make it our business to explore those tools and discover the infinite possibilities lying in wait.

Our Mission

We are


blue sky thinkers.





always growing.



in this together.

Our Mindset

Start with an authentic human connection.

At Luminary, both form and function are secondary to the most important design element: The Experience. By leading with the human element, we ensure that all interactive concepts are effective at their most basic level, unsupported by spectacle. This approach allows the physical form and underlying technology to enrich, rather than distract from the fundamental purpose of every installation.

Our Approach

Let us light the way.

Creating a truly cohesive interactive environment requires multiple disciplines working together to create something that’s greater than the sum of its parts. Our strategic digital design and content partnerships allow Luminary to leverage a spectrum of top-tier talent without compartmentalizing scope. That means one point of contact, one vision, and one cohesive result.

Our Team


Strategic Partners

Client Journey

From conception, to design and engineering, and all the way through final production and installation, we have the capabilities and experience to bring your most imaginative projects to fruition.